#There are many types of ants all over the world. The most common ant in Southern California is the Argentine ant. Argentine ants are a common household pest, often entering structures in search of water or food. Typically during the hot season or to escape flooded nests during periods of heavy rainfall. Argentine ant colonies have many reproductive queens, as many as eight for every 1,000 workers, so eliminating a single queen does not stop the colony's ability to breed. In fact, it does the opposite. The remaining queens split off and create more colonies which actually makes your problem worse. The only way to successfully eliminate Argentine ants is with slow acting materials or with certain types of bait that are taken back to the colony for food. We are able to effectively exterminate Argentine ant colonies in a few days.

Argentine ants also cause agricultural problems by actually protecting plant pests, like aphids from predators and parasites. In return for this protection, the ants receive a sweet excretion, known as "honeydew". Agricultural areas overrun by ants have large population densities of plant parasites. Unlike most species of ants, Argentine ants do not attack or compete with each other, further increasing their ability to infest areas. They can cause damage to trees and plants unless they are kept under control. 


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