If you are a residential gardener (organic or not) or if you like to pay extra attention to your landscaping, controlling pests is most likely a big part of your routine. They are called pests for a reason. Some of them sting, bite or injure, and others destroy your plants,  lawn,  flowers, fruit trees, or your vegetable garden. We recommend doing a little research to figure out what pests you have just so that you can be educated on what you're dealing with. There are certain pests that are beneficial that may not seem like it. For vegetable gardens, there is a certain type of wasp that can help control tomato horn worms. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. The UC Davis Integrated Pest Management Program has a site that has lots of information about common pests, some of it very technical. If you don't want to bother trying to identify a bug, give us a call. We're all trained on identifying pests. It's especially helpful if you catch one for us to see for ourselves.

Oxley Pest Control is a "Mom & Pop" business. Our main number forwards directly to our cell phones ensuring you'll get immediate answers to your questions. We truly care, and we're committed to our clients.

We are your best value. As a family business we have a very low overhead and those savings are passed on to you. Nowhere else will you find a pest control company as caring, prompt, or as affordable as we are.

Enjoy our video about Flea Control Tips